Research Areas

  • Development of functional neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, DTI)
  • Microstructural brain alterations in neurological patients
  • Neuroimaging of reward processing and decision-making
  • Language recovery

Selected Publications

Deppe M., Kellinghaus C., Duning T., Moddel G., Mohammadi S., Deppe K., Schiffbauer H., Kugel H., Keller S.S., Ringelstein E.B., Knecht S. 2008. Nerve fiber impairment of anterior thalamocortical circuitry in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. Neurology 71: 1981-1985.

Duning T., Kellinghaus C., Mohammadi S., Schiffbauer H., Keller S., Ringelstein E.B., Knecht S., Deppe M. 2010. Individual white matter fractional anisotropy analysis on patients with MRI negative partial epilepsy. J Neurol Neurosurg.Psychiatry 81: 136-139.

Kleffner I.*, Deppe M.*, Mohammadi S., Schiffbauer H., Stupp N., Lohmann H., Young P., Ringelstein E.B. 2008. Diffusion tensor imaging demonstrates fiber impairment in Susac syndrome. Neurology 70: 1867-1869. (* both authors contributed equally)

Meinzer M., Mohammadi S., Kugel H., Schiffbauer H., Floel A., Albers J., Kramer K., Menke R., Baumgartner A., Knecht S., Breitenstein C., Deppe M. 2010. Integrity of the hippocampus and surrounding white matter is correlated with language training success in aphasia. Neuroimage 53: 283-290.

Mohammadi S., Moller H.E., Kugel H., Muller D.K., Deppe M. 2010. Correcting eddy current and motion effects by affine whole-brain registrations: evaluation of three-dimensional distortions and comparison with slicewise correction. Magn Reson.Med 64: 1047-1056.