Prof. Dr. Karen Zentgraf

Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Horstmarer Landweg 62b
D-48149 Münster

Phone: +49 (0) 251 83-32460
Fax: +49 251(0) 83-32466

Research Areas

  • Attentional focusing and motor control/learning
  • Neural correlates of action observation and motor imagery
  • Perception-action coupling
  • Strength and hypertrophy training

Selected Publications

Zentgraf, K.
, Munzert, J., Bischoff, M. & Newman-Norlund, R. (2011). Simulation during observation of human movements - Theories, empirical studies, applications. Vision Research, 51, 827-835.

Lorey, B., Pilgramm, S., Walter, B., Stark, R., Munzert, J. & Zentgraf, K. (2010). Your Mind's Hand: Motor Imagery of Pointing Movements with Different Accuracy. NeuroImage, 49, 3239-3247.

Zentgraf, K.*, Lorey, B.*, Bischoff, M., Stark, R. & Munzert, J. (2009). Neural Correlates of Attentional Focusing during Finger Movements: An fMRI study. Journal of Motor Behavior, 41, 535-541.

Zentgraf, K. & Munzert, J. (2009). Effects of Attentional Focus Instructions on Movement Kinematics. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 10, 520-525.

Munzert, J., Lorey, B. & Zentgraf, K. (2009). Cognitive Motor Processes: The Role of Motor Imagery in the Study of Motor Representations. Brain Research Reviews, 60, 306-326.

Zentgraf, K., Stark, R., Reiser, M., Künzell, S., Schienle, A., Kirsch, P., Walter, B., Vaitl, D. & Munzert, J. (2005). Differential Activation of pre-SMA and SMA proper during Action Observation: Effects of Instructions. NeuroImage, 26, 662-672.

Academic CV

Work Experience and University Education

Since 2011 Professor for Human Performance and Training in Sports
2009-2011 Senior Lecturer, Training Science & Biology of Physical Exercise, University of Bern
2006-2009 Post-doc in Movement Science and Sport Psychology, University of Giessen
2003 Research visit Prof. Magill, Louisiana State University (USA)
2001-2006 PhD-Student and Lecturer in Sports Science, University of Giessen
1999-2001 Lecturer in Sports Science, University of Tuebingen
1992-1999 University Studies in Medical Science, University of Tuebingen
1994-1999 University Studies in Sports Science, University of Tuebingen
1991-1992 University Studies in Biology, Indiana University (USA)


2005 Promotion (Dr. phil.) (summa cum laude)
1999 Diploma in Sport Science (Grade: 1.1)
1991 Abitur (Grade: 1.2)

Honours, Stipends, Prizes

2007 Travel stipend DFG (NASPSPA, California, USA)
2006 Prize for best dissertation, University of Giessen
2005 Travel stipend DFG (NASPSPA, Florida, USA)
2003 Ranked 5th, Young Investigators Contest des European College of Sport Science („Activation of Motor and Related Areas during Observation and Mental Imagery of Gymnastic Movements: An fMRI Study“)
2003 DAAD PhD-Travel stipend (Prof. Magill, Louisiana State University, USA)