Cover of the book "The Handbook of International Trends in Environmental Communication"
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Just published: „The Handbook of International Trends in Environmental Communication”

(06.01.2022) In collaboration with Bruno Takahashi (Michigan State University, USA), Suzannah Evans Comfort (Indiana University, USA) and Jagadish Thaker (University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand), Prof. Dr. Julia Metag edited “the Handbook of International Trends in Environmental Communication”, which has now been published. The aim of the handbook is to provide a comprehensive overview of current trends in environmental communication and its international facets. By bringing together theoretical, methodological and practical chapters, this book offers an opportunity for environmental communication scholars to reflect critically on the past, examine current trends and delve into exciting new methods, theories and research areas. In addition to classic approaches to environmental communication, it also covers areas such as internationalizing environmental communication research or environmental communication as education. Furthermore it tries to critically question existing prevailing perspectives of environmental communication about the Global South and disenfranchised populations in the Global North.

Environmental communication is a growing area of research in communication science. The handbook is part of the ICA Handbook Series, a collaboration between the „International Communication Association” and Routledge, which try to summarize the state-of-the-art of specific issues in communication science and set the agenda for future theory development and research in the respective area.

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