Consultation during lecture-free time

The office hours on 27.02., 06.03. and 13.03. are canceled. The next consultation will take place on 20.03.2018.

Visit of pupils from Drensteinfurt


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On the 6th and 7th of February pupils of  "Temschule Drensteinfurt" visited us during a project week on the topic of weather. They informed themselves about the measuring tower on the roof of the institute and about the functioning of the individual measuring instruments.

We say goodbye to Dr. Hanna Lokys

We had to say goodbye to Hanna Lokys as part of our working group. We wish her all the best for her career and thank her for her extraordinary commitment to teaching and research at the working group climatology.

Excursion to Essen

On 22.02.2018 there will be an annual excursion to the German Weather Service (DWD) in Essen. Registration is possible until 09.02.2018.

Excursion to southern Germany

From 30.07. until 03.08.2018 an excursion will take place on the topic "Environmental Meteorological Aspects". Interesting research sites of meteorology and air hygiene in southern Germany are visited. Registration is possible until 21.01.2018 in the excursion portal of the ILÖK.

Taiwanese-German Science Day in Taipei

On December 11, 2017, Prof. Klemm took part in the GERMAN-TAIWAN SCIENCE DAY in Taipei. The event served to intensify relations in the field of joint research and exchanges of scientists and students between Taiwan and Germany. Further information can be found here (german) and here

mobile measurements in Münster

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As part of a study project, bachelor students will take mobile measurements in the city of Münster. For this purpose, various measuring devices were mounted on a cargo bike, with which the students depart a set route several times. The aim of the project is to investigate the spatial distribution of the CO2 concentration and the heat island effect.

Visit from Brazil

From 16th of October 2017 to 15th of November 2017, Laís Fajersztajn from São Paulo is part of the working group climatology. During her stay, she
would like to get to know the work of our group and strengthen the contact
between Brazil and Germany. On October 24th at 6:15 pm, she will give a
lecture entitled "Air Pollution and Health: A Contribution from Brazil". At
this lecture she will present an overview of the health studies conducted
at the Laboratory of Experimental Air Pollution at the University of
São Paulo, which include many designs such as toxicological, clinical and
biomonitoring studies. We're happy to have her here.

We welcome the new PhD student Laura Ehrnsperger

Since 1 October 2017, Laura Ehrnsperger has been supporting the working group climatology in the field of urban climatology. We're happy to have her here.

Publication about pollution measurements on the roadside

Container housing the measuring instruments
Container housing the measuring instruments
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In May / June 2016 three students of the working group climatology performed highresolution measurements on pollutants on the roadside. The measurement was setup next to the busy street "Bült" in Münster. The exhaust plumes of the passing traffic fleet were analysed by the amount of nitrogen oxides. The results show that the real-world vehicle emissions exceed the legal limits by far. More projects like this are planned, for example there might be measurments in combination with an automatic detection of the license plates to assign the individual exhaust plumes to the respective types of vehicle. Recently the results were published in the research article "Real-world vehicle emissions as measured by in situ analysis of exhaust plumes" which is freely available here. The article is released in the scientific mgazine "Environmental Science and Pollution Research".

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