Data Processing (Data Science) - cancelled

Attention: Due to having to cover the course Databases on rather short notice, we have to drop this course.


This course covers methods in the field of data science. Specifically, we concentrate on clustering algorithms and probabilistic graphical models & inference and look at text modelling and information retrieval as an application of clustering ideas and probabilistic modelling.

Content-wise, the course will have an overlap with the course Introduction to Artificial Intelligence from the summer term 2022 in six planned lectures (PGM part).

Note: This lecture is set up in such a way that it complements the module Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.

This lecture will be called Data Science after the next change in the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnungsänderung).

The lecture is given in German. Please move to the German version of this site for further details or register in the Learnweb course, once it is available.