Network Drives & Folders

Service: As an employee of the administration, you can use the network drives as well as the group and project folders of the administration that have been released for you. We support you in the administration of access rights and in setting up new folders.

Target Group: employees of the administration

Usage Costs: free of charge

Contact: Service Desk

  • Applying for Access to Network Drives

    Each unit or department has its own network drive. The access rights for these drives are automatically assigned by the HR department in the SAP system. If you need access to the network drive of another department, please ask the respective department head to send your request informally to it.servicedesk@uni-muenster.de.

  • Applying for Group and Project Folders

    You can find group and project folders in the administration drive under Groups and Projects respectively. These drives are used to allow restricted groups of people to access certain data. While group folders are intended as permanent folders, project folders are only used for a limited period of time. If you would like to apply for a group or project folder or, as the person responsible for the folder, would like to change the access rights of your folder, please contact us using the corresponding form in the Self Service Portal.