Creating Websites with WordPress (Classroom Course)

Content: The content management system WordPress offers the possibility to create and edit websites without special programming and HTML skills. During the training, participants learn how to plan websites, create pages and articles, design menus and use design themes and plug-ins. In addition, they will learn how to install WordPress and how to securely administer websites. Subsequently, the participants will implement individual website ideas and can also use their own material such as texts, photos and graphics.

Target Group: students without program knowledge

Program Version: current version

  • Learnweb Course

    Type of Instruction: Learnweb course, about 12 hours of self-study with video inputs and supervision of practising by instructors.

    Course Material:

    Participants will receive a link to the Learnweb course and the course documents by e-mail before the course.


    ActionTERMINLecturerLocationAvailable seats
    WordPress - Learnwebkurs 0
    18. - 29.01.21, Mo - Fr Jean-Pascal Rassouli Learnweb-Kurs 0
  • Classroom Course

    Type of Instruction: 4-hour training at WWU IT desktops (Windows only) in German language

    Course Material:
    Table of Contents of the Course Script (PDF) [de]
    LearnWeb (Course Notes) [de]


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