Excel VBA I: Introduction to Macro Programming

Content: With Excel-VBA recurring processes, search functions and dialogs can be automated easily. In this course, the most important processes that are useful within a data collection are explained and applied step by step using exercises. Students get to know the views and elements of the development environment by formulating simple instructions in VBA and viewing the results in different windows or dialog boxes. The contents of the course include:

  • Getting to know the development environment (VBE)
  • Concepts of macro instructions
  • Simple instructions, input and output options
  • Dealing with texts and numbers
  • Orientation in rows and columns
  • Select individual cells and cell ranges (copy, move)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the "macro recorder"
  • important programming techniques (queries, loops, functions etc.)
  • Applications for searching, finding and counting cell contents
  • Techniques for joining and splitting texts
  • Including Excel Standard Functions
  • Calculating with date

Target Group: students with user knowledge of Excel; VBA or programming skills are helpful but not required

  • Classroom Course

    Type of Instruction: 4-hour training on 3 training days at WWU IT desktops (Windows only) in German language

    Program Version: Microsoft Excel 2019

    Course Material: Link to course material in Learnweb [de]


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