Publishing with LateX

Content: LaTeX is a powerful and flexible typesetting system which is especially suited for scientific and technical publications. Authors can choose from a variety of ready-to-use layouts and adapt them to their own ideas. With special components, e.g. for generating PDF files, LaTeX publications can be prepared for publication. The complete typesetting system is freely available and can be used on practically all common operating systems. In this course the basic concepts and most important extensions of LaTeX will be presented:

  • Components of the typesetting system
  • general document and text structures
  • Formulas, tables, graphics
  • Creation of PDF documents

The course is held in German language.

Target group: beginners in using text typesetting under LaTeX

General Studies: credited with 2 LP with graded participation in the final test

Material: Course Material [de]

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    TERMIN_ANMELDUNG_ABGESCHLOSSENPublizieren mit LaTeXDr. Damian Bucher, Christian Schild31.08.201831.08. - 04.09.20, Mo-Fr 09-15 UhrComputer-Lab 3, Einsteinstr. 60
    Publizieren mit LaTeXDr. Damian Bucher, Christian Schild01.03.2142/3501.03. - 05.03.21, Mo-Fr 09-15 UhrWWU IT Computer-Lab 3, Einsteinstr. 60