Invitation to the Working Group "Research Software Engineering"

Software is an integral part of research and has a significant impact on the quality, sustainability and reproducibility of its results. Research Software Engineering (RSE) brings the competences of traditional software development into science and in this way enriches research in the processing, simulation, modelling, evaluation and communication of data. WWU IT offers infrastructures such as GitLab and JupyterHub and advises on fundamental approaches to software development.

Together with IVV 4, we invite you as interested scientists of the WWU to a first exchange within the RSE working group:

23.06.2022 from 4 to 6 pm, room 104 in the SRZ building (Orleans-Ring 12)

The following topics are on the agenda:

  • Is there interest in regular RSE meetings? If so, what form should these take?
  • What topics should be discussed? (planning regarding the RSE infrastructure, impulse lectures on selected RSE topics, etc.)
  • What exactly are the interdisciplinary teaching needs in the area of RSE?
  • Is it possible to cover these needs through a "Service Centre RSE"? How could such a service centre be organised (and financed ...)? (presentation of the needs on the part of the NWZ & discussion)

We would be very pleased about your participation! If you are interested, please send an informal registration by e-mail to (Danielle Leise, Martin Korth).