Seminar Location Privacy (with optional excursion to Minneapolis)

This seminar/project will focus on location privacy and related issues that arise from using mobile or situated technology as well as location-based services in general. Technological, societal and legal aspects will be discussed to design and/or implement an application (depending on the number of credits acquired) that enables its users to take control of location privacy.  Topics of the course include, amongst others, openness, transparency, privacy as a concept/in law, comparing US/EU practices, ethical implications, and the impact of big data.  The course is taught jointly with the University of Minneapolis: students and teachers from Minneapolis and from Muenster will participate and collaborate throughout the semester.  The students from the US have a background in Geography.  The ifgi students will provide the technical expertise, which requires a good understanding of the technical side related to location privacy (mobile devices, location-based services, at least basic programming knowledge).

Students from Münster may either chose (a) a 3 CP course that does not include travel to Minneapolis (QISPOS) or (b) a 6 CP course that requires the availability and ability to travel to Minneapolis for 10 to 14 days in September (QISPOS). The trip is being paid for by DAAD.

Are you interested in this international project about a challenging and recent topic that also offers you the chance to travel to Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA)?
If so, please get in touch with Morin Ostkamp as soon as possible, as there is a tight schedule with possible constraints (e.g., visa applications).