Semantic Engineering Seminar – Registration Still Possible!

The seminar gives an overview of semantic engineering technology and related research problems. It is centered around practical scenarios of semantic interoperability in geospatial domains. It furthermore includes "hands-on" exercises which address these scenarios and highlight various technologies of semantic engineering: linked data, sparql querying and triple stores, ontology engineering and concept design, formal logic and specification, Datalog reasoning, DL (Description Logics) reasoning, and integration tools. The goal of the seminar is to introduce these technologies and compare them in an intuitive way, and to learn how they can be practically used to build applications. It does not aim at an in depth treatment, but should enable students to dive deeper on their own. More information about the seminar can be found on the Learnweb platform.

Registrations to the course are *still possible* using QISPOS. An information meeting will be held on *10.10.2013*, 12:00 noon in the new institute building (Heisenbergstrasse 2, StudLab 125). Questions can be addressed to Simon Scheider or Auriol Degbelo.