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Provenance Research

  • Geological bias in the provenance record: an example of Rodinia margin granites from the Seychelles
  • Rift systems at continental margins: A case study of facies evolution and provenance of the sedimentary-volcanic facies evolution of the Permotriassic Mitu Group (Central Andes, Peru)
  • Provenance of the Neogene to Holocene sediments drilled by IODP Expedition 341 in the Golf of Alaska. A single grain geochemical and geochronological study of the glacially influenced denudation history of the evolving St. Elias Orogen using heavy minerals
  • The Archean to Paleoproterozoic transition as recovered in the FAR DEEP cores: LA-ICP-MS U-Pb geochronology of detrital zircons and accompanying provenance analysis of siliciclastic sedimentary rocks
  • Basin analysis
  • Provenance research
  • High-energy coastal deposits

Bahlburg Sedimentologie 1

Tsunami Research

  • Sedimentological post-tsunami survey of the deposits formed by the September 16, 2015 Illapel tsunami in central Chile
  • Sedimentological analysis of the deposits of the February 27, 2010 Chile tsunami
  • The onshore tsunami record in southern Chile – historical and beyond: Sedimentology, geochemistry, stratigraphy and regional correlation