Cluny: Old Traditions and New Research

Internationales Kolloquium
Leeds, 13-15 July 1998

Organizer: Barbara H. Rosenwein


Cluny I: Traditions of Historiography, Part 1
Session 112

Chair: Giles Constable

Daniel-Odon Hurel: L'historiographie française de Cluny aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles

Dominique Iogna-Prat: The French Historiography of Cluny from François Guizot to Georges Duby

Martial Staub: The Cluniac Challenge in German Catholic Historiography

Cluny II: Traditions of Historiography, Part 2
Session 212

Chair: Constance B. Bouchard

Patrick Henriet: Between Progress and Invasion: The Historiography of Cluny in Spain

Giancarlo Andenna: La storiografia su Cluny in Italia nel XX secolo

Barbara H. Rosenwein: The Advantages of Distance: Anglo-American Historiography of Cluny

Cluny III: New Research Part 1
Session 1012

Chair: Thomas Head

Isabelle Cochelin: Crossing the Threshold of the Cloister: Age Groups and Hierarchical Structure inside the Cluniac Community (11th-12th c.)

Maria Hillebrandt: Cluniac Cartularies: the Beginning of Crisis or the Heyday of the Monastery's Power?

Franz Neiske: Memoria, the Key to Success?

Cluny IV: New Research Part 2
Session 1112

Chair: Gert Melville

Florent Cygler: Cluny's General Chapters. A Comparative Approach

Hartmut Atsma and Jean Vezin: Gestion de la mémoire. Problèmes autour de la copie des documents originaux dans les cartulaires de l'abbaye de Cluny

Constance H. Berman: Disentangling Cluniacs from Cistercian Fictions

Cluny V: New Research Part 3
Session 1212

Chair: Herbert E. J. Cowdrey

Brent Hardy: Cluniac History as Eschatology in the Writings of Raoul Glaber

Didier Méhu: Burgus, immunitas, pax: les rouages de la seigneurie clunisienne du XIe au XIIIe siècle

Sarah Connolly: Cluny and Its Patrons; England ans Its Patrons: The Differences between Them

Cluny: Cluniac Studies at the End of the Twentieth Century - A Round Table Discussion
Session 1312