Frühmittelalterliche Studien

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Franz Neiske – Carlos Reglero de la Fuente, Das neu entdeckte Necrolog von San Zoilo de Carrión de los Condes. Ein Beitrag zum Totengedenken der Abtei Cluny (Taf.XIV–XV, Abb. 51–52) S. 141–184

An important fragment of a Cluniac necrology has recently been discovered in Spain. It was written about 1220/50 in the priory of San Zoilo de Carrión de los Condes (dioc. Palencia), the administrative centre of the Cluniac province Hispania. Actually the fragment contains only 84 days of the calendar year with the names of more than 5800 deceased. But the complete manuscript (presumably containing about 25000 names) must have been one of the largest necrologies of the Middle Ages we know about. The verso-pages of the manuscript include the names of Cluniac monks and nuns; more than 80 percent find their corresponding names in the „Synopse der cluniacensischen Necrologien“. The recto-pages present in a very distinctive way the names of friends and benefactors. The names on these pages reveal for the first time the liturgical memory carried out day by day in the abbey of Cluny itself. They permit a better interpretation of many – until now – puzzling entries in other Cluniac necrologies (for instance the one from Marcigny). The fragment of San Zoilo seems to be in the very pattern of the lost necrology of the abbey of Cluny. A minor part of this document is important for local prosopography. The latest entries of the 15th century concern more historiographical information than memoria of the dead.