Center for Digital Humanities Sigillum fratris Yvonis miseratione divina abbatis Cluniacensis.
Sigillum abb. Clun.

Center for Digital Humanities Sigillum fratris Yvonis miseratione divina abbatis Cluniacensis.
Sigillum abb. Clun.

Center for Digital Humanities digital scholarly edition
Database of the Charters of the abbey of Cluny (802-1300)
«Bernard - Bruel: Recueil des chartes de l’abbaye de Cluny»
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Bibliotheca cluniacensis Bullarium Cluniacense Bibliotheca cluniacensis novissima

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Historical Search

The Historical Search allows the search of one or more words in a charter within a specific word span.

The order of requested words can be fixed or arbitrary.

Truncations are possible: ? = one character; * = any amount of characters.

The words a, s, ad, de, et, in with only one or two characters are ignored.

Obvious misprints are partly emended within the edition (tempora also finds tenpora; filius also finds filuus). Graphical versions are accounted for (martiris also finds martyris).

The search can be limited to specific volumes of the edition.

The next versions of the database will allow restrictions for the search of specific authors, names of places, countries, and dates.

Index of Word-forms

The Index of Word-forms shows all forms with the same initial letter and their frequency within the charters.


Text concordance: Clicking on a single form will show it in its particular context (like a KWIC-Index or Concordance).

Pointing the cursor on any word of the concordance will show its frequency. Clicking on it leads to the concordance of this word.

The use of special characters allows the search for particular forms like æcclesię, façons oder cœnobium. The texts of the charters were transferred literally from the edition with all special characters.

The Index of Word-forms searches for actual words-forms of the texts only. It does not search for corrections and not for graphical versions.

Presentation of Results

The results will be presented in an abbreviated list showing the requested words in their context.

Clicking on this symbol leads to the complete text of the charter. The search terms are highlighted.

Clicking on this symbol leads to the edition of the charters (Bernard - Bruel). There you can scroll back and forth through the charters.

Charters in the editions of the Bibliotheca cluniacensis and the Bullarium cluniacense, mentioned by Bernard - Bruel only in form of abstracts, are linked to the older editions in internet: Example - BB 2805.


11. 03. 2008     Version 0.1     1st serverbased version
16. 05. 2008     Version 0.2     accelerated analysis of the hits
16. 05. 2008     Version 0.3     2nd correction of the texts (database update)
24. 06. 2008     Version 0.4     improvement of result modules (multiple hits)
01. 09. 2008     Version 0.5     Historical Search: truncation extended
08. 10. 2008     Version 0.6     3rd correction of the texts (database update)
02. 12. 2008     Version 0.7     improvement of layout (CSS)
14. 01. 2009     Version 0.8     multilingual interface

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Bibliotheca cluniacensis
Bullarium cluniacense
The Latin Text Archive.
Corpus of Cluny Charters     [BBAW]

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Du Cange
Répertoire des cartulaires
Deutsches Rechtswörterbuch
Orbis latinus
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Cartes IGN
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CEI - Charters Encoding Initiative
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Formulae - Litterae - Chartae Werkstatt

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