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We kindly invite you to explore our website in order to find out more about our research and teaching projects. Fields of attention our institute is focusing on include an ecumenical missiology; the study of theologies beyond Europe, both, within global christianity and in other religions; as well as on the intercultural exchange about foundations for an engaged practice in areas of global concern.


Guest Lecture Brazal
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Auf Einladung der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät der WWU Münster spricht

Professorin Agnes M. Brazal (Manila, Philippinen) an zwei Terminen:

DI 15.Okt. 2019 | 10-12 Uhr | KTh V | Johannisstr. 8-10
Does Capitalism Kill? Post-Vatican II Papal Perspectives on Development

MI 16.Okt. 2019 | 18-20 Uhr | Dekanatszimmer | Johannisstr. 8-10
A Theology of Southeast Asia: Liberation-Postcolonial Ethics in the Philippines


is an Associate Professor and Research Fellow at De la Salle University and St. Vincent School of Theology-Adamson University in Manila, Philippines (since 2016).
Informationen zu den Gastvorträgen erhalten Sie unter: imw@uni-muenster.de

From cultural translation to interreligious controversy
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Conference of the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics”
From cultural translation to interreligious controversy - Jerome Xavier’s (1549-1617) Engagement with Mughal India and Safavid Persia

28-30 October 2019
Kapuzinerkloster /Kapuzinerstraße 27-29/48149 Münster

The 400th anniversary of the Spanish Jesuit Jerónimode Ezpeletay Goñi(1549-1617) marked the beginnings of a new research initiative at the Institute of Missiology and the Study of Theologies Beyond Europe at the University of Muenster, on his legacy of cross-cultural and interreligious engagement with Mughal India and (posthum) with SafavidPersia through his Āyena-ye ḥaqq-namā(The Truth–revealing Mirror; 1607).

This conference not only commemorates some of Jerome’s major contributions by presenting these recent achievements in Jerome Xavier scholarship, but also seeks to gather the expertise to help orient the new project and create an international postdoc research group for it at the University of Muenster.

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Theological Arabic

Theological Arabic

"Theological Arabic I" will be held throughout the academic year 2019/2020 by Prof. Dr. Assad Elias Kattan. The course consists of two hours of lecture and two hours of tutoring (Nevin Fayek).

Theological Arabic Ia will be held in the winter semester 2019/2020 from 15.10.2019 - 30.01.2020
TUE and THU | 08.00-10.00 am | 4 SWS | 4 ECTS
The first part of the language course teaches Arabic writing and basic morphology, grammar, syntax and vocabulary of classical Arabic, as found in qu'ran, the early Islamic theology and Arabic Christian theological literature. Workload: 120 hours. Course only for students without previous knowledge in Arabic!

Theological Arabic Ib will be held in summer 2020 from 07.04.2020 - 09.07.2020
TUE and THU | 08.00-10.00 am | 4 SWS | 4 ECTS
The second part of the language course is aimed at students who have basic knowledge of the Arabic language (modern or classical). Knowledge in morphology, grammar, syntax and vocabulary of classical and Qu'rān Arabic will be deepened. Workload: 120 hours.

The successful completion of both semesters corresponds to an introductory course and entitles to the advanced course Theological Arabic II: Christian Arabic.

Please sign up in HIS/LSF or by e-mail kattan@uni-muenster.de

Theological Arabic - Handout

Classes 2019/2020

Course Offerings 2019/2020 at a glance.


Lecture: World Christianity and Interreligious, MON, 14-16

Advanced Seminar: Directed Reading and Research in Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies, MON, 18-20

Language course: Theological Arabic Ia, TUE + THU, 8-10

Introductory Seminar: Introduction to Missiology and Theologies Beyond Europe, MON, 18-20

Advanced Seminar: Research Colloquium: Missiology and Ecumenics, Hamburg, 15.-16. November 2019

Doctoral Colloquium: Missiology and Theologies Beyond Europe,  TUE, 18-20


Advanced Seminar: Anthropology in Crosscultural Perspective, MON, 16-18

Advanced Seminar: African Christian History: Cross-Cultural Engagements and Interreligious Conflicts, WED, 14-16

Language course: Theological Arabic Ib, TUE + THU, 8-10