Verbotene Bücher

© Ferdinand Schöningh

This volume presents the proceedings of the symposium held in Münster in December 2005 on the occasion of the publication of the volumes "Grundlagenforschung 1814-1917" of the "Basic research" series on the Roman Inquisition and the Congregation of the Index. This volume contains a transcription of the opening event and the presentations of the individual project parts, as a supplement to the introductory volume of the "Basic research" series. The third part comprises the contributions of international experts on censorship sources and topics related to Roman book censorship.

The contributors include Jean-Baptiste Amadieu (Paris), Ugo Baldini (Padua), Francesco Beretta (Lyon), Philippe Boutry (Paris), Mariano Delgado (Fribourg, Switzerland) and Christoph Weber (Düsseldorf).

Hubert WOLF (ed.), Verbotene Bücher. Zur Geschichte des Index im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert, Paderborn et alibi 2008, 453 pages, hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-506-76326-6.