Zum Film:

Director: Thomas John & "Ronyk" (Floriano Enrique Hernández Cruz)
Location: Chiapas (Mexico), Languages: Spanish/Tzotzil, Subtitles: English/Español/Deutsch/Italiano.
Research: Media and Art Practices as Articulations of indigenous contemporaneity in Chiapas (Mexico).
Supervision: Prof. Peter Crawford, Supervisor in the field: Dr. Axel Köhler, M.A. Film: Visual and Media Anthropology, FU Berlin,  Mexico, 50 minutes. 2013
Darkmoon is the debut film of Thomas John (visual anthropologist) and was produced in close collaboration with "Ronyk" (Enrique Floriano Hernández Cruz), who is an indigenous Mexican painter photographer and filmmaker. Ronyk is also the co-protagonist of Darkmoon. He is a close friend of Angelina Suyul,the main protagonist, who is a Tzotzil-Maya poet and does bi-lingual poetry, in her mother tongue, 'Tsotsil', and in her second language, 'Spanish'. Poetry is an artistic expression for Angelina Suyul to articulate modern young indigenous identity and
to connect in the same time with her cultural roots. She combines contemporary literature genres with
cultural knowledge of her community. The film is an attempt to apply an artistic and poetic audio-visual
language to mediate aspects and meanings of Angelina's personhood & her poetry.