Zum Film

Produktion: Thomas John, 2012
: Thomas John
Kamera, Ton, Schnitt:
Thomas John
Länge: 18 min.
Produktionsdatum: 2012

Zum Thema

This short film is part of a research project concerned with young indigenous media and art practices in Chiapas (Mexico). Thomas John stayed three days with a team of Maya-Tzotzil and Maya-Tzeltal filmmakers in their field, while they were producing their documentary film "El Naíl". Only the young female filmmaker belongs to the community where the film is shot, and only she is fluent in the local language "Tzeltal". She becomes the mediater between her older male filmmaker friends and the village authorities involved in the rituals, since her male friends grew up in urban invironments and do either not speak 'Tzeltal', or speak only 'Tzotzil' and Spanish.