• Zum Film - Produktion: Thomas John, 2013, Konzept: Thomas John, Ronyk, Kamera, Ton, Schnitt: Thomas John & Ronyk



    Zum Thema: Darkmoon is a poetic documentary film dealing with a young female Tzotzil-Maya poet (Suyul). She is a bilingual poet and writes in her mother tongue, Tzotzil, and in her second language, Spanish. Even though Suyul's poetry seems to be very indigenous and cultural specific, she is very critical towards assumptions of "indigeneity". She deconstructs the term "indigenous", but gives us a deep insight into a super-humen Tzotzil reality of her poetry. However, she is sharing her knowledge only up to a certain point with the audience, well being aware of concepts of knowledge and representation. Co-protagonist is a good old friend of her (Ronyk) who is a Tzotzil painter & filmmaker. He is at the same time also co-filmmaker of Darkmoon and was involved in the production process. Finally Suyul and Ronyk are making fun of a traditionally very western "reality" that was imposed on their ethnic group and are rendering that reality and knowledge about it as exotic and absurd.

    Location is Chiapas. Chiapas is the southern most state of Mexico, location of several contemporary Mayan groups and other so-called 'indigenous' societies. (52 min. Spanish/Tzotzil, English subtitles.)

    Broader research interest have been indigenous artists & media-producers, and their role of establishing and articulating own modernities and young indigenous contemporaneities. 

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