Research Fields

About 98% of computing devices are embedded in all kinds of electronic equipment and machines. With the ongoing trend towards Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), the number of sensors and microcontrollers that surround us in our everyday lives is ever increasing. In the Embedded Systems Group, we investigate techniques for the correct and reliable construction of safe and secure embedded systems, as they are needed for the IoT. Our main research fields are:

  • Safe and Secure Embedded Systems
  • Formal Methods
  • Test Automation

To find out more, have a look at our current research projects and at our publications.



 Research Projects

  • Safe ILIAS - Safe Integration of Learning In Autonomous cyber-physical Systems, funded by the DFG (2024 - 2027)
  • SAVES - Scalable Verification of Industrial Embedded Control Systems, funded by a WWU - UT collaboration grant (2021 - 2022)
  • Service-oriented Abstraction and Verification of Hybrid Models with Simulink2dL, funded by the DFG (in Graduate School SOAMED 2015 - 2018, in research project RESCUE 2018 - 2020)
  • SysCSec - Early Analysis of Security Threats by Modeling and Simulating Power Attacks in SystemC (open source project, since 2020)
  • RESCUE - Reliable Embedded System Design based on Co-verification in a Unified Environment, funded by the DFG (2014 - 2020)
  • ECoSMo - Effective Quality of Software Models, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) as part of the initiative KMU-Innovativ (2016 - 2019)
  • STATE - a SystemC to Timed Automata Transformation Engine (open source project, since 2010)