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Training teachers to promote writing competence through feedback funded by Stiftung Mercator

What is the project about?

The aim of our project is to explore how teachers can better develop adolescent students’ writing skills. We train German and English teachers and show them how to support writing skills through different feedback measures.

Teachers are then provided with advice and support for implementing effective feedback measures in the classroom. Our team monitors changes in students’ writing over the course of one school term.

Why is that important?

Writing skills are crucial for academic success and are a basic requirement for educational and societal participation. Yet many adolescents in Germany struggle with writing and have not yet developed adequate skills, with disadvantaged learners being particularly at risk. Feedback is a powerful tool for improving writing competence, but it is only effective and motivating when certain conditions are fulfilled. This is why we offer teachers workshops on how to give better feedback.

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Our Team
Prof. Dr. Vera Busse      Nora Müller      Lea Siekmann
Project manager

Prof. Dr. Judy Parr

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