Drug prescription
Drug prescription
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Through the artifact to the infra structura – The drug prescription as access to the design of social infrastructure

Project lead and contact person: Dr. Stefan Schellhammer

Faculty and Department:

Faculty 04 Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche FakultätInstitut für Wirtschaftsinformatik

Project duration and funding agency: 

September 2018 to August 2022 – Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the funding line "The Language of Objects – Material Culture in the Context of Social Developments".

Research question:

What evidence of health policy, economic, information technology, and medical innovations has manifested itself on the drug prescription over time, and what food for thought for future health care information infrastructures results from this?

Project Abstract:

The research project is divided into three sequential steps. The aim of the first step is to create a digitized database from historical prescriptions. In the second step, a periodization and identification of shape changes of the artifact "drug prescription" is performed. For this purpose, the drug prescription is documented in its respective manifestation in interaction with changes in its environment over time. The third step aims at a synthesis of the partial results achieved before, whereby three perspectives (prescription as control/communication instrument and document of medical progress) serve to make the complexity manageable. In addition to describing the design processes taking place and analyzing them, the roles of individual actors and how they change over time are analyzed, bringing the infrastructure development process to the forefront.

Digital methods to be used:

  • Visualization practices (Convolutional Neural Networks).
  • Automated text and layout recognition (Optical Character Recognition)

Role of SCDH in this project:

Consultation and support in the identification, selection and application of suitable tools from the field of Digital Humanities

Link: ArIS – Through the artifact to the "infra structura"