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Sara Wickström new IMPRS spokesperson. Big “Thank You” to former spokesperson Dietmar Vestweber.
Sara Wickström, director of the Department of Cell and Tissue Dynamics at the MPI, took over the role of IMPRS spokesperson on 1 February 2023. She follows Dietmar Vestweber who initiated the IMPRS and was spokesperson since 2009. We thank Dietmar for all his support and encouragement in all these years.

On February 15th we said “Hello” to Sara (with flowers) and “Thanks” to Dietmar (next to Sara) at a gathering at the MPI.
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CiM-IMPRS alumna Nicole Pogodalla, who completed her PhD in December 2021 has won the WWU Dissertationspreis 2022 (dissertation award). Congratulations!!

Nida Arif has received MTZ-MPI-Award 2022 for her work on the molecular mechanism
for the destabilization of endothelial junctions allowing leukocytes to extravasate
during the immune response.

Henrik Renner has received the Animal Welfare Research Award 2021.

MTZ®-MPI-Award 2021 to Niraimathi Govindasamy

CiM/CEDAD-IMPRS alumnus Mubarak Hussain Syed, assistant professor at the University of New Mexico, has received the prestigious NSF CAREER AWARD. Congratulations!

MTZ®-MPI-Award 2020 to Dr. Sergiy Velychko

#staysafe #stayscientific: Three young scientists from our community have recorded short video clips in which they share moments from their everyday life in times of the corona crisis.

CiM-IMPRS students win science communication prize

Good-bye to Sylvia Krüger who leaves CiM-IMPRS after 10 years
On 15 April 2019, CiM-IMPRS assistant Sylvia Krüger had her last day in the office. She had started to work for the program exactly 10 years ago when the grad school just had 6 PhD students! She strongly contributed to the growth and success of the program over the following years. Everybody valued her for her excellent work, kindness and continuous support for the students. On her last day the students gave her a warm Good-Bye. We all wish her the very best for her future.


Dr. Mubarak Hussain Syed, an alumnus of the University of Münster, looks back on his time in the graduate programme by the University and the Max Planck Institute

Münster's knowledge freshly tapped, 14-16 May 2018 in Münster
On three consecutive evenings, researchers from the University of Münster will be talking about their work – in bars and restaurants. Visitors will have an opportunity to “tap” researchers’ knowledge and, of course, to chat with them. Li-Ming Lee, Paul Schauerte, Irina Suarez, and Abhiyan Viplav (alphabetical) initiated the event to promote the dialogue between science and society. They are organizing it together with the “Science Communication” team of the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence.

Clemens Hug receives the MTZ-MPI-Award

6th Münster Immunology Meeting, 24 November 2017 in Münster

Dortmund-Münster Career Day, 10 November 2017 in Münster

Pint of Science, Münster, 15-17 May 2017
Hello everyone, We are 3 PhD students from the CiM-IMPRS graduate school and want to invite you to an event that we are currently organizing. It is called Pint of Science (PoS) and its aim is to provide a platform for scientists to share their science with the public. This is done in the relaxed atmosphere of a bar while enjoying a beer. The idea was developed by two postdocs in London a few years ago and it now has spread into 12 countries with more than 60 cities. This year, PoS will take place for the first time in Münster from 15th to 17th of May. For the duration of the event, six experts from three different fields of science will explain the latest news from their research. We would love to see you there and hope you will spread the news to your labmates, friends, and everyone possibly interested! Irina, Li-Ming, and Paul

Podcast series: Scientific life