How to join the group

We are always looking for motivated team members that want to work in a thriving interdisciplinary group located at the boundaries of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, and materials science.

  • Looking for doctoral or postdoctoral positions? Feel free to send an application to
  •  Looking for a B.Sc., project module or M.Sc. project? We usually tailor the topic to your liking, either a focus more on synthesis of materials, their structural characterization, and/or transport elucidation. If you are more interested in solid-state batteries, we can offer smaller systematic projects to get your feet wet in the field. Feel free to send an application to or
  • Looking for exchange during your project module of M.Sc. project? We have collaborators in the USA, all over Europe and Asia. If you are unsure about how to fund the exchange, talk to us.
  • Looking for a HiWi position to experience some solid-state chemistry and solid-state battery research? Get in touch with