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Emmy-Noether group funded by DFG

Lattice dynamics of ionic conductors

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DFG - Projects

Crystal chemistry in phase change thermoelectrics

Structure-property relationships in the ionic conductor NaTi2(PS4)3

Obtaining a better understanding of activation volumes in ionic conductors

Exploring inductive effects in superionic conductors

SPP 2370 Exploring proton conductivity in solid state electrolytes for efficient low-temperature electrochemical ammonia synthesis

Diffuson-based thermal and ionic transport in Cu+ - conducting materials

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BMBF - Project "ProRec"

Neuartige Prozesse während des Recyclings von wässrig prozessierten und zukünftigen Batterien

BMBF - Project "Massif"

Materialinnovationen für Schwefel-Silizium-Festkörperbatterien: Design, Aufbau und Bewertung von Prototypzellen

BMBF - Project "NATTER"

Natrium-Feststoffbatterien mit neuen Anoden basierend auf Kohlenstoffgerüststrukturen

BMBF - Project "LISZUBA"

Lithium-Sulfur Solid State Batteries

BMBF - Project "NASEBER"

Sodium-Ion Solid State Batteries

BMBF - Project "EProFest"

Evaluation of production processes for Solid-State-Battery components

BMBF - Project "SOLIS"

Development of Lithium-Sulfur

Solid State Batteries in Multilayer Pouch cells

BMBF - Project "BissFest"

Bipolar stacking of sulfide-based solid state batteries

BMBF - Project "ANISSA"

Advanced neutron imaging for solid-state batteries in action


Kationen - Anionen RedOx Aktivmaterialien für Feststoffbatterien

BMBF - Project "CaSaBatt"

Zelldesign und optimierte Elektrolyte für Calcium-Sauerstoff-Batterien

BMBF - Project "SilKompAs"

Silizium-basierte Kompositanoden zur Anwendung in sulfidischen Feststoffbatterien

BMBF - Project "SAFE"

Thermische Sicherheitsanalytik von sulfidischen Festkörperbatterien

BMBF - Project "NaSeFest

Natrium-Schwefel Feststoffbatterien

BMBF - Project "InCa-M"

Interfaces in All-solid-state Composite Cathodes and Metal Anodes: Understanding the Correlation of Microstructure and Performance

BMBF - Project "SiSuFest"

Evaluation von Siliziumanoden in sulfidischen Festkörperbatterien


International Graduate School Baccara

Battery Chemistry, Characterization, Analysis, Recycling and Application

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BMBF - Cluster "FestBatt"

Materials platform thiophosphates in the competence cluster for solid-state batteries

Cell platform thiophosphates

Materials platform hybrids

German Academic Exchange Service

PPP Project-Related Personal Exchange with DST-India

Understanding the lone-pair influence on the local structure in thermoelectrics

DAAD Fellows in the group: Theodosios Famprikis

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Seed funding by the Funds of the Chemical Industry

Band convergence via changing crystal chemistry

Chemiedozentenpreis 2020

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Seed funding by the Max-Buchner-Forschungsstiftung

Low temperature synthesis of lithium ion conducting materials

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Henriette-Herz scouting program

AvH Fellows in the group: Dr. Jewels Fallon, Dr. Grace Whang 

previous AvH Fellows in the group:

Prof. Saneyuki Ohno (Kyushu University)
Dr. Sean Culver (SolidPower)
Dr. Ananya Banik (TCG Crest)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Agne (U Oregon)
Dr. Moumita Rana (TU Delft)