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From Complex Fluids to Living Matter

The Advanced School takes place in Münster, Germany, 24-27th September 2018 and is organised by the International Doctoral School „Active living fluids“ and the Center for Nonlinear Science, WWU Münster (CeNoS). It combines long tutorial lectures with shorter talks and is aimed at advanced Master students, PhD candidates and other researchers interested in the field. Experimental and theoretical approaches to a variety of subjects are introduced ranging from the interfaced-dominated dynamics of phase transitions in complex fluids and soft matter systems to biofluiddynamics (e.g., blood flow) or the dynamics of bacterial colonies and tissues.

This school will present a broad perspective on the different phenomena. Important phenomena are introduced in presentations of important experimental examples. Theoretical descriptions range from microscopic stochastic discrete to meso- and macroscopic deterministic continuum approaches and are related to open basic questions in our understanding of non-equilibrium phenomena. Most presentations contain a significant introductory component which will, in particular, be very profitable for advanced students in the field. The schedule reserves ample time for discussions that will hopefully connect the different ideas and approaches even more closely.


The workshop takes place in romm 304 of the 

Institute of Theoretical Physics
Wilhelm-Klemm-Str. 9
48149 Münster

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PDF of the final program

List of Speakers

  • Timo Betz, Münster
  • Walter Zimmermann, Bayreuth
  • Stefan Karpitschka, Göttingen
  • Raphael Wittkowski, Münster
  • Christian Wagner, Saarbrücken
  • Markus Bär, Berlin
  • Karin John, Grenoble
  • Salima Rafai, Grenoble
  • Chaouqi Misbah, Grenoble