The Careers Service

What we offer

The Careers Service of the University of Münster has three target groups:

  • Students, doctoral candidates, and graduates (up to one year after graduation),
  • teachers in the university's departments
  • employers as cooperation partners.

With a comprehensive range of seminars, information and advice, the Careers Service helps students, doctoral candidates and graduates to develop a sustainable professional profile, to gather and reflect on practical experience, to initiate contacts with employers and, finally, to learn application strategies and techniques. The Careers Service advises teachers on how to transfer study skills to professional applications and how this process can be communicated to students. Employers contribute their experience and benefit from the knowledge and skills of the young academics.

Quick info: Career Service - Our Profile (PDF- mini booklet)


University of Münster
Careers Service
Schlossgarten 3
48149 Münster

Tel.: 0251/83-32293
Fax: 0251/83-30074

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The University of Münster is a member of the Career Service Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (csnd).