At the Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research and Applied Ecology, our research delves into the intricate interactions between biodiversity and the environment. We are dedicated to collaborating with diverse stakeholders, pooling expertise to address pressing conservation challenges.

Our approach involves synthesizing data from various sources and connecting it with experts in the field. By fostering these dynamic partnerships, we aim to create meaningful insights and actionable solutions that contribute to the sustainable coexistence of all species and the preservation of our ecosystems.

Wetland Restoration

Wetlands are important ecosystems that provide a range of ecosystem services, including water purification, flood control, and habitat for wildlife. In addition, wetlands are highly effective at storing carbon, and when wetlands are degraded or destroyed, this carbon storage capacity is lost, and the carbon that was previously stored in the soil and vegetation can be released into the atmosphere.

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Urban ecology

Urban ecology is the study of how organisms interact with their environment in urban areas. Although cities may seem like inhospitable places for wildlife, they are actually teeming with biodiversity. As Prof. Buchholz from the CIBRA puts it, "Cities are not these hostile places; cities are islands of biodiversity."

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Re-surveys involve comparing data from old surveys, herbarium, and fossils with contemporary data to gain insights into how ecosystems have changed over time. This technique allows us to understand how climate change has affected biodiversity, identify adaptations to changing environments, and predict how ecosystems will change in the future.

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Citizen Science

Citizen science is a powerful way to engage the public in scientific research and contribute to the understanding of biodiversity and ecology. At CIBRA, we recognize the importance of citizen science and actively promote public involvement in scientific projects.

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