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Regardless of whether you are already cooperating with partners from Brazil or are simply interested in an exchange, we will be happy to advise you! Over the past ten years, at the Brazil Centre we have gained extensive experience in cooperating with Brazil and have built up a large network, so that we can provide you with targeted advice in various areas.

More precisely, we offer the following services:

  • Information on funding opportunities for various projects in/with Brazil
  • Information on the Brazilian higher education and science landscape
  • Support regarding the search for potential cooperation partners and the initiation of contacts and collaborations
  • Support with the preparation of visits to Brazil aimed at the initiation of a collaboration, of research trips or lecture tours
  • Support with the communication and realisation of scientific events in Brazil, including advice on co-funding opportunities
  • Support for delegation visits from Brazil to the University of Münster (UM)
  • Advice and support for Brazilian guest researchers, postdocs and doctoral candidates before, during and after their stay at the UM
  • Initiation, conclusion and maintenance of partnerships with Brazilian universities and funding agencies - whereby the Brazil Centre is responsible only for university agreements, while the faculties are responsible for faculty agreements.
  • Networking and maintaining contacts with Brazilian academics, e.g. through the Brazilian alumni group of the UM, and with representatives of partner institutions in Brazil and Germany

In case you are interested in preparing a joint research project in collaboration with researchers from the state of São Paulo, please note that you can apply for mobility funds. Please refer here for further information.

Services of our Liason Office in São Paulo

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Through our Liaison Office in São Paulo we also offer the following services in Brazil:

  • Local support and advice for professors and researchers of the University of Münster, especially regarding a visit to Brazil
  • Individual advice for (prospective) students, young researchers and professors who are interested in the UM
  • Promotion of the UM in Brazil at fairs, events and through various communication channels in order to raise the visibility of the UM
  • Local support for ongoing institutional partnerships as well as for the initiation of a collaboration
  • Expansion and maintenance of the UM network in Brazil
  • Coordination of the UM Alumni Group in Brazil
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The University of Münster is currently exploring cooperation potential in selected Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, such as Argentina and Chile, and assessing a possible expansion of support services for ongoing or planned collaboration projects with partners there.

If you are planning activities in Argentina, Chile, Colombia or Uruguay, please feel free to contact us and we will try to support you in the best possible way through our networks there. If you are already working with partners in Latin America, we would be happy to hear from you.