HT94 Münster Events

Hostile Terrain 94 is more than an exhibition. We have created a supporting program that invites everyone who is interested to look beyond boundaries, learn more, and take part in the project.


The Installation is a work of art in the making. The toe tags are attached to the map little by little. Visiting the Bibelmuseum Courtyard, you can witness how volunteers are attaching the toe tags to the map. ​​

Lecture Series "Un/bedinge Zugehörigkeit | Contingent Belonging"

The various lectures of this lecture series are open and free to all. The speakers not only investigate the project from different perspectives, but also invite us to examine European "hostile terrains". Read more about this here.

"Meet the Curator": a talk and Q&A with Jason de León | 25.01.21 | 19:15

  • Jason is director of the Undocumented Migration Project which initiated Hostile Terrain 94. With this Q&A, we had the chance of learning more about the project and Jason's work. Participants were able to ask their own questions.
  • Find the details and the recording of the talk here.


International hosts

Are you curious to get to know other international Hostile Terra​in 94 hosts and what they have put together? Learn more about them here.

A Moment of Global Remembrance

Would you like to become part of a worldwide movement that raises awareness about the victims of fatal border Regimes? Then take part in "A Moment of Global Remembrance", a project organized by the Undocumented Migration Project. Learn more about this here.