Further information:

You can find the preliminary academic programme here and the conference poster here.

A workshop discussion with the author (John von Düffel), the composer (Gerald Resch), the deputy director (Hans-Peter Frings), the dramaturge (Georg Holzer), and the conductor (Ingo Martin Stadtmüller), as well as members of the cast of the new opera Gullivers Reise, Oper Dortmund, will take place at the aula of the Schloss, Schlossplatz 2, on Monday, 12 June 2017.

On Tuesday, 13 June, there will be a reception by the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Philology at the Ehrenpreis Centre for Swift Studies, Johannisstrasse 12-20.

The conference dinner will take place at Schloss Nordkirchen and has been scheduled for Wednesday, 14 June.