Sample 5: Written – Non-printed – Student writing – Exam scripts – W1A-011

Sample 4 Exam script

<I><p><#>Language awareness may be defined as the explicit knowledge, understanding and attitude pertaining to or of a particular language or a number of languages. <#>In Leo Van Lier’s statement, he conveys that there needs to be a clear understanding of a language and how the language is supposed to be used by others. <#>Van Lier critiques that it is important to understand language as a large mechanism for the effectiveness in the classroom and the textual material being produced. <#>In the Caribbean, there is a <}><->tendeny</-><+>tendency</+></}> for people to stereotype certain languages and their importance in the formal education system, particularly the use of <}><->creole</-><+>Creole</+></}> and dialects. <#>This awareness Van Lier inhibit in his statement is important at every level of the education system, including the stakeholder involved in <}><->implimenting</-><+>implementing</+></}> a policy for language learning and language awareness. <#>In Caribbean classroom, the <w>teachers’</w> medium of instruction is English even though most students speak some other creole or <}><->dialet</-><+>dialect</+></}>.</p>

Markup symbols

<I> … </I> subtext marker
<p> … </p> paragraph
<#> text unit markers (~ individual sentences)
<}> … </}> misspellings
<-> … </-> normative deletion
<+> … </+> normative insertion
<w> … </w>

orthographic words (distinguishing a word final
apostrophe from a closing quotation mark)