Chair of Variation Linguistics

The chair of variation linguistics focuses on the following areas:

  • varieties of English world-wide
  • sociolinguistics
  • corpus linguistics
  • language use in media

Special interests in research and teaching include the following:

  • English in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia
  • language contact and contact languages
  • language attitudes and standardization
  • language use in news media, in music, and in computer-mediated communication
  • language and globalization
  • language in education
  • style variation
  • grammatical variation and change
  • varieties of English in historical perspective

Foto: Vortrag von Dagmar Deuber
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Deuber giving a lecture on our current research
© Centre for English Language Studies – University of Hyderabad

A major ongoing project is the compilation of the Trinidad & Tobago component of the International Corpus of English. We are also compiling and analysing synchronic and diachronic corpora of anglophone Caribbean newspapers.

Foto: Deuber Haensel Wissen Leben
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Deuber (left) and research assistant Eva Hänsel (right) studying a historical issue of the Trinidad Guardian
© Pjer Biederstädt

Source: wissen | leben November 2013 p.2, reproduced by permission of Pjer Biederstädt

Also currently in the focus of our research is spoken English in the contexts of news broadcasts and education in the Caribbean, which is analysed from the dual perspective of language use and language attitudes.