Sample 4: Written – printed – Academic Writing – Humanities – W2A-010
Sample 3 Academic writing

Teelucksingh, Jerome (2010). The Lost Gospel: Christianity and Blacks in North America. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars.

Reproduced by permission of Jerome Teelucksingh.

<#><h><bold><smallcaps>Fleeing Crucifixion: Migration to Canada</smallcaps></bold></h>
<X><p><quote><#>All who are under the yoke of slavery should consider their masters worthy of full respect, so that God's name and our teaching may not be slandered.</quote> (Timothy 6:1)</p></X>
<p><#>The early enslaved persons were First Nations or indigenous peoples known as <mention>panis</mention>. <#>In 1501, Gaspar Corte-Real, a Portuguese explorer, landed in Newfoundland. <#>He subsequently captured and enslaved 50 native persons. <#>Almost three decades later, in 1535, Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, captured 10 members of the Iroquois and carried them to be displayed in France.</p>
<p><#>One of the earliest known enslaved Blacks in Canada was Olivier Le Jeune in 1632. <#>He was born in Madagascar, Africa and as a child was captured by the traders of the enslaved. <#>Subsequently, Le Jeune was given to the Kirke brothers in Qu&eacute;bec. <#>In 1632 the Kirkes decided to sell him and depart for Britain. <#>This action was prompted by the Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye in which Qu&eacute;bec was returned to France. <#>The young slave was educated by Father Paul le Jeune of the Society of Jesus, who recounted, <quote>"...the other day I had a little Savage on one side of me, and a little Negro or Moor on the other, to whom I taught their letters."</quote><fnr><sp>1</sp></fnr> <#><footnote><sp>1</sp> Robin Winks, <mention>"Negro School Segregation in Ontario and Nova Scotia," <it>Canadian Historical Review</it></mention> 50 (1969): 167.</footnote></p>

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