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Application Submission Overview

This programme starts in the winter term (October), and the application period runs from May 02-July 15.

Applicants will receive notification of their application depending on when they apply. There are *two* application phases:

Application phase Application dates Notification
1 02 May 2024 – 10 May 2024 by late May 2024
2 11 May 2024 – 15 July 2024 by end of July 2024

In this way, successful candidates have a maximum amount of time to apply for visas (which can be time-consuming) and also to arrange funding, travel, and accommodation before the start of the MA orientation week in October. We strongly suggest that non-EU international applicants apply as early as possible. The earlier you apply, the earlier you will be notified.

Application to the MA BAPS programme is handled through the university’s Student Admissions Office.

Students applying to their first semester of study will first need to apply online during the specified application period. After submitting the online application, students will receive email confirmation and a check sheet and information about how to proceed with your application. Students must then log in to Info Portal and upload all required documents.

For more detailed information about the application process, please visit the university's application website.

Students interested in applying for higher semester application should visit the same page and view the procedure detailed under “Higher semester application.”

Start Application

To start the application process, please go to the Online Application [en]:


  • Application Timeline

    The application period will begin in May and end on July 15 each year. One application per candidate is possible during this period; applications outside the designated application period cannot be accepted.

    Applicants from outside the EU are strongly advised to apply well before the deadline of July 15. In this way, successful candidates have a maximum amount of time to apply for visas (which can be time-consuming) and also to arrange funding, travel, and accommodation before the start of the MA orientation week in October.

    All candidates will be notified by mid-August at the latest.

  • Requirements for Admission

    The MA BAPS programme has specific academic and language requirements for admission.

    Academic Requirements

    Prospective students must have completed a three-year undergraduate degree in English Studies (Bachelor or equivalent). Degrees in selected related fields are also accepted if applicants can provide proof that their studies included a focus on Anglophone languages, literatures and/or cultures. These related fields are:

    • philology
    • cultural studies
    • media studies
    • communication studies

    Translation is not considered a related field.

    Language Skills

    All courses taught within this programme require a high level of language proficiency. In order for us to be sure that all prospective students meet this standard, you will have to submit proof of your language skills together with the rest of your application documents (see Language Certificate).

  • Language Certificate

    As all courses will be held in English, excellent English skills are a prerequisite for participation in this programme. For Equal Opportunities Reasons, these skills need to be documented.

    English skills can be documented by the Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE: A, B or C), Cambridge Advanced Examination (CAE: A or B), or an equivalent language certificate, i.e. TOEFL iBT (109+), TOEFL pBT (620+), or IELTS Academic (7.5+).

    Native speakers of English do not need to provide proof of their English language skills. Please note that we consider you a native speaker if English is an official language in your country. If one of the official languages of your country is English, please do not include an English-language certificate in your application. Instead, when prompted to upload a language certificate, include a copy of a national ID, such as a passport.

    Please note that it is NOT possible to use a BA diploma in English as evidence of language skill, even if that BA programme was taught through the medium of English. The reason is that language standards vary from university to university, even for BAs in English; hence we need a certificate like TOEFL etc. to facilitate assessment of applicants' actual language skills.

    The application committee may also decide to accept other test formats if they are deemed equivalent. If you have a language certificate which is not listed here, and are not sure whether it will be acceptable, please contact the BAPS team for advice. It is best to do this well before the application deadline, because if your present language certificate is not acceptable and you need to acquire a different one (e.g. CPE, CAE, TOEFL, IELTS Academic), this usually takes some time.

  • Application Materials

    Prospective students must submit the following via the online application portal:

    • A-levels or international equivalent (certified copy)
    • undergraduate diploma (certified copy)
    • proof of language skills
    • curriculum vitae (in tabular form)
    • transcript of records listing credits, examinations and courses attended (certified copy)
    • if applicable: documentation of time spent abroad, work experience, extracurricular activities, foreign language skills, etc.

    Documents in any language other than English or German have to be translated into one of these two languages by an officially certified translator. The translation must also be accompanied by a (likewise certified) copy of the document in its original language.


    Please do not forget to attach documentation of internships, other language certificates for other foreign languages you have learned as well as documentation of other extracurricular experience. We can only give you credit for additional activities if there is documentation.

  • Application Language

    The application forms required by the university’s central registration office should be filled in in the language in which the questions are asked, but the system can be switched to English. All certificates and other official documentation can be submitted in either English or German. For any other languages, you will have to provide certified translations. Since your language proficiency plays a major role in deciding whether we accept you to the programme, your CV and other documents should be in English wherever possible.