Master of Arts: British, American and Postcolonial Studies

Master's Programme

This programme offers:

  • a unique combination of literary and cultural studies, linguistics, and book studies
  • focus on the cultural and linguistic dynamics in the Anglophone world
  • emphasis on interdisciplinary research
  • preparation for careers in academic and non-academic contexts

The MA in British, American and Postcolonial Studies is coordinated by the English Department at WWU Münster. It offers graduate students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the methods and theories of literary and cultural studies, linguistics, and book studies through course work and through active, independent research. The modularized structure with the possibility for individual specialization in each field of study allows students to focus on subjects across a wide range of cultures and regions (e.g., Britain, the US and Canada, the Caribbean, and India).

The teaching staff of the MA programme consists of specialists in literary and cultural studies, linguistics, and book studies. Our instructors encourage interdisciplinary approaches across the programme’s three major fields in course work and master’s theses.

In our globalised world, job markets are highly competitive and the need for precisely-tailored academic and professional profiles is ever-increasing. It is one of our main goals to prepare our students for national and international careers in both academic and non-academic sectors. Through sound academic training and the opportunity to gain teaching experience, graduates pursuing academic careers will be well-equipped to continue their research, typically in the form of a PhD. Those aiming at the non-academic sector will be especially qualified for professions requiring intercultural competence and expertise in the fields of language, literature, the production and interpretation of texts, and communication – e.g., in the publishing industry, media, advertising, and public relations.