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City of Münster

The city of Münster is a historical university town in northwest Germany, relatively close to the Dutch border. Looking back upon 1,200 years of history, it is best known as the place where the "Peace of Westphalia" was signed. Today, Münster is a modern city with approx. 300,000 inhabitants, and its large student population (approx. 50,000 students at different academic institutions) lends it a lively and youthful atmosphere.

It is also a very "green" city, at the European forefront of environmentally friendly and sustainable urban development. The first thing that strikes visitors is that there are scores of bicycles everywhere - Münster is often described as a cyclists' paradise.

Owing to the medieval atmosphere of the "Prinzipalmarkt", numerous green spaces, the wide range of cultural activities and the great variety of pubs, people soon feel at home here. In 2004, Münster was awarded the title of the "most liveable city in the world", winning the United Nations Environmental Programme's "LivCom Award" in the category of cities with between 200,000 and 750,000 inhabitants.

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