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Institut für Geoinformatik der Universität Münster

Geoinformatik ist die Wissenschaft der Modellierung von raum- und zeitbezogenen Prozessen mit Methoden der Informatik. Das Institut für Geoinformatik Münster bildet Geoinformatiker aus und erforscht raumbezogene dynamische Prozesse, semantische Interoperabilität, räumliche Assistenzsysteme, cognitive Engineering und Sensornetze.



Orientierungslos ans Ziel

[19.01.2015] Prof. Angela Schwering erhält "ERC Starting Grant" für die Entwicklung eines neuen Navigationskonzeptes. weiter …

Location privacy seminar - final presentations and demos

[15.12.2014] On Tuesday, the three groups of students participating in the course on location privacy will present the results of their work.Students from the university of Minnesota at Minneapolis and from ifgi jointly developed three app concepts to improve the management of location privacy.
There will be short presentations by each group followed by discussions, demonstrations of the apps and hands-on experiences with the app. The event is open to anyone and starts at 14:00 st in room 309. weiter …

MSc Geoinformatics Meeting, October 13th

[01.10.2014] There will be a MSc Geoinformatics students meeting on Monday, October 13, at 12:00 in room 255, where students can ask questions and discuss issues with Edzer Pebesma and Christoph Stasch.

Vorbesprechung Geosoftware II

[14.07.2014] Am Donnerstag, 17. Juli, findet ab 16:15 Uhr die Vorbesprechung des Geosoftware II-Kurses (Wintersemester 2014/15) im StudLab 125 statt.

Seminar Location Privacy (with optional excursion to Minneapolis)

[08.07.2014] This seminar/project will focus on location privacy and related issues that arise from using mobile or situated technology as well as location-based services in general. Technological, societal and legal aspects will be discussed to design and/or implement an application that enables its users to take control of location privacy. The seminar "Location Privacy" is aimed at Master and PhD students in Geoinformatics, there is a possibility for an exkursion to Minneapolis (US). weiter …



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