Mouhanad Khorchide: Islam is Mercy

The successful book by Prof. Dr. Mouhanad Khorchide, head of the Centre for Islamic Theology Muenster, “Islam is Mercy” now available in English

Ever since it was first published in 2012, Prof. Dr. Mouhanad Khorchide’s book „Islam ist Barmherzigkeit – Grundzüge einer modernen Religion“ has been a huge success. As of November 2014, it is also available as ebook under the title „Islam is Mercy – Essential Features of a Modern Religion” (ISBN 978-3-451-80286-7). With this publication, the head of the Centre for Islamic Theology Muenster responds to renewed calls to make his plea for a humanistic approach to Qur’anic hermeneutics and for a dialogical relationship between God and humanity accessible to a broader and more international audience.