Neues Online-Buch: Diffusion MRI

Diffusion MRI: From Quantitative Measurement to In vivo Neuroana

Diffusion MRI: From Quantitative Measurement to In vivo Neuroanatomy

Edited by: Heidi Johansen-Berg and Timothy E.J. Behrens
Elsevier 2009, ISBN: 978-0-12-374709-9

Diffusion MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method that produces in vivo images of biological tissues weighted with the local microstructural characteristics of water diffusion, providing an effective means of visualizing functional connectivities in the nervous system. This book is the first comprehensive reference promoting the understanding of this rapidly evolving and powerful technology and providing the essential handbook for designing, analyzing or interpreting diffusion MR experiments. The book presents diffusion imaging in the context of well-established, classical experimental techniques, so that readers will be able to assess the scope and limitations of the new imaging technology with respect to techniques available previously. All chapters are written by leading international experts and cover methodology, validation of the imaging technology, application of diffusion imaging to the study of variation and development of normal brain anatomy, and disruption to the white matter in neurological disease or psychiatric disorder. The key features: the first comprehensive reference on a powerful technique in Brain Imaging; contributions from the key scientists in the field, including pioneers of the field Peter Basser (NIH), Susumu Mori (Johns Hopkins University), and others; describes the physical foundations, methods for quantitative analysis, and how the technique is applied to the cutting edge analysis of connections in the brain; and, full color throughout, carefully edited for clarity in style. (Amazon)