Plagiarism made easy – A Nature Medicine’s Guide

Wie Nautilus schreibt, hat nun auch Nature Medicine als letztes Nature-Journal einen Insider’s guide to plagiarism erstellt. Im Juli-Editorial (Nat. Med. 15, 707; 2009) wird genau beschrieben, wie man’s nicht machen soll:

„You don’t have the resources to do the experiments? Don’t worry! A little creative writing might be all you need to sail through the financial crisis. Here’s how: use a solid paper as your base; carry out a parallel set of experiments in your favorite model; tweak the data so that the numbers are not identical but remain realistic; and, when you’re ready to write it all up, paraphrase the original paper ad libitum. Last, submit your new manuscript to a modest journal in the hopes that the authors of the paper you used as ‚inspiration‘ won’t notice your ‚tribute‘ to their work—even though imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, their approval of your ‚reworking‘ of their paper cannot be guaranteed. If all goes well, getting a couple of these manuscripts under your belt might make all the difference when you apply for that elusive grant.“