TRANSPOSE Midterm Conference, 5 November 2009, Muenster

Under the general topic of “Sustainable electricity consumption” the recent midterm conference specifically concentrated on analyzing the success factors and barriers on the individual and political level, which appear to either facilitate or hamper a sustainable consumption of electricity. In order to meet the complexity in which electricity consumption patterns take place, the conference focussed on both individual and political parameters. In doing so, this bi-levelled analysis is meant to comprehensively determine the electricity saving potentials in private households.

Various international scholars gathered for this conference in Muenster and gave presentations on topics varying from “Behavioural Aspects of Consumption Patterns” over “Institutionalized Set-ups for Change at the Individual Level” to “Policy Measures and the Evaluation of Such”. Also, the paper presenters contributed detailed conference papers on the respective presentation topics.

Below you can find a composition of the conference papers (CP) and presentations (P).

Behavioural Aspects of Consumption Patterns

Plug and Pull - Energy Saving in Private Households. (P)
Christian Dehmel, University of Muenster, Dörthe Krömker, University of Kassel

Life Events as Windows of Opportunity for Change towards Sustainable Consumption Patterns. (P)
Martina Schäfer, Berlin Technical University

Environmental Knowledge and Willingness to Change Personal Behavior: An American-Austrian Comparison of Energy Use. (CP) (P)
Claudia Kitzmüller, University of Vienna

Institutionalized Set-ups for Change at the Individual Level

Austrian Style of Energy Use – Lifestyle Adequate Communications of Energy Issues.
Johannes Frühmann, Sustainable Europe Research Institute

Get Smart! Consumer Acceptance and Restrictions of Smart Domestic Appliances in Sustainable Energy Systems. (CP) (P)
Wilma Mert, IFZ – Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture

Smart Metering and feedback systems: Suitable instruments to increase sustainable energy consumption? (CP)
Sebastian Gölz, Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE

Electricity and Fuel Consumption in Europe: a panel error connection model for residential demand elasticities. (CP) (P)
Jan Duerinck, Flemish Institute for Technological Research

The Political Level – Policy Measures and Evaluation of Such

Innovation and Effectiveness of Energy Policies: A Cross-National Analysis of Electricity Saving Measures in Private Households. (P)
Volker Schneider, University of Constance, Nadja Schorowsky, University of Constance

Energy Saving Obligation and Tradable White Certificates: Purposes and Outcomes. (CP) (P)
Sibyl Steuwer, Free University of Berlin

Diffusion of Swiss Electricity and Energy Policy Measures. (CP) (P)
Felix Strebel, University of Zürich