The 17th International Congress Thermophiles 2025 will be held in Münster (Germany), September 07 – 11, 2025. The Congress will highlight the latest advances in the study of thermophilic microorganisms, of their diversity, biology, their use in biotechnology and importance for the evolution of life.

Conference Scope

The Thermophiles Congress series focuses on various aspects of the biology of thermophilic microorganisms. Specific topics of interest include:

  • Geochemical processes and elements’ cycling
  • Thermophiles, evolution of life and astrobiology
  • Newly cultured and uncultured taxa of thermophiles
  • Genome evolution and integrity, DNA replication
  • Regulation of gene expression
  • Viruses of thermophiles, microbe-virus interactions and defense mechanisms
  • Metabolism and physiology of thermophiles
  • Enzyme discovery and applications
  • Genetic systems and engineering thermophiles for industrial applications
  • Cell biology, cellular structures and envelopes, motility
  • Systems approaches and OMICS
  • Microbial associations and host-symbiont interactions in high-temperature environments

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About Thermophiles Congress

The Thermophiles Congress serves as the primary platform for researchers studying microorganisms that thrive at high temperatures, covering various aspects of their biology. It first took place in Viterbo, Italy, in 1990, and has since been held biennially, with Reykjavik, Iceland (1992), New Zealand (1994), Athens, Georgia, USA (1996), Brest, France (1998), India (2001), Exeter, UK (2003), Brisbane, Australia (2005), Bergen, Norway (2007), Beijing, China (2009), Montana, Yellowstone, USA (2011), Regensburg, Germany (2013), Santiago, Chile (2015), Kruger, South Africa (2017), Kyoto, Japan (2019), and Bangor, UK (2023) hosting subsequent meetings. The Thermophiles Congress in Münster will be the 17th meeting in this international conference series.