The Study India Certificate at the University of Münster

In Germany and throughout the EU, India and the entire Indian subcontinent have continued to attract growing attention as a partner in economics, research and education, as a source of cultural inspiration and exchange and as a destination for tourism and trade in general. This development is taken up by the University of Münster in the institution of an interdisciplinary Study India Certificate.

The Certificate offers the opportunity to specialize in the study of Indian culture, history, language, literature and society. Students do so within their respective degree courses by a) selecting courses and modules in their regular course programme which are flagged as relevant and eligible for the Certificate in the course announcements, and by b) gathering additional experience in the field including a minimum work load of further course work in a discipline other than their own course of studies as well as undertaking relevant practical activities. The Certificate is open to both Bachelor and Master students of the participating faculties, and can be completed at any given time, provided the student is still enrolled at the University of Münster.

The study and training offered through the Certificate will enhance students’ overall qualifications profile and can thus help them to position themselves in various competitive job markets.

The Certificate is brought together by a shared input from the following faculties at the University of Münster: FB 01 Protestant Theology, FB 08 History and FB 09 Philology.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer (Coordinator)