About us


Bienvenue, Benvenuto, Bienvenida, hos geldiniz, Powitac, Velkommen, Vitejte, Welcome, Welkom, Willkommen!

Our team represents the workgroup of European Studies in Physical Education and Youth Sport. We focus our applied research on different curricular and extra-curricular settings of physical activity, games and sports where children and adolescents live, e.g. with their parents at home, at kindergarten, at school, at sport club and with peers in their local communities. Items of setting research are related to three major domains of children`s and adolescents` personalities: physical-motor domain, psycho-social domain, and cognitive-moral domain.

The working unit has been established in April 2013 and is headed by Sen. Prof. Roland Naul. Our working unit is connected with different university-based partner institutions inside and outside Europe by contracts and collaborative enterprises of comparative studies. Special links exist with the non-governmental, non-profit Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute