Winter School: 17.2. - 21.02.2020

The Advanced Winter School "Introduction to Wetting Dynamics" shall introduce Master students, PhD candidates and more senior researchers into the themes underlying the Priority Programme "Dynamic Wetting of Flexible, Adaptive, and Switchable Substrates". In particular, introductions are given to wetting and dewetting processes on static surfaces as well as on surfaces with intrinsic dynamics. For instance, flexible surfaces are deformed by the liquid and thus provide a feedback mechanism and switchable surfaces can repeatedly and almost instantaneously change their surface energy or topography in response to external influences. Both, experimental and theoretical methods are introduced that allow one to tackle the involved multi-scale processes. Examples include novel visualisation methods as confocal laser-scanning-microscopy and x-ray tomography and a spectrum of simulation methods for microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic models.

The School combines long tutorial lectures with shorter presentations by an interdisciplinary group of experts across the fields of physico-chemical hydrodynamics, statistical physics, surface science, chemical physics and various engineering disciplines. A poster session allows participants to present and discuss their results.

Registration closed.

Registration for the Winter School

Date and Location

The school starts Monday 17.2. at lunch time and ends on Friday 21.02. lunch time. It takes place in room 404 of the

Institute of Theoretical Physics
Wilhelm-Klemm-Str. 9
48149 Münster

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Time schedule

Book of abstracts

List of speakers:

  • Günter K. Auernhammer
  • Sissi de Beer
  • Björn Braunschweig
  • Svetlana Gurevich
  • Jens Harting
  • Dorothea Helmer
  • Andreas Heuer
  • Patrick Huber
  • Stefan Karpitschka
  • Lou Kondic
  • Marcus Müller
  • Andreas Münch
  • Martin Oettel
  • Dirk Peschka
  • Olivier Pierre-Louis
  • Jan Bart Ravoo
  • Jürgen Rühe
  • Ralf Seemann
  • Jacco Snoeijer
  • Holger Stark
  • Rob Style
  • Uwe Thiele
  • Doris Vollmer


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