Upcoming events

For a list of upcoming sessions in the regular colloquium of the SPP 2171 see Colloquium.

  • External Events

    > DPG Spring Meeting 15.-20.03. 2020 Dresden: "fachverbandsübergreifendes Symposium (CPP mit BP, DY, MA, O)"
    SYDW: "Dynamical wetting of flexible, adaptive, and switchable surfaces" and associated CP Session "Wetting, Fluidics and Liquids at Interfaces and Surfaces

    Life event in Dresden cancelled due to COVID19. Part of the talks is moved online.

    > Virtual DPG Spring Meeting 22.-24.03.2021 (BP-CPP-DY-SOE) with mini-symposium on Wetting (Mo 22.03.2021, 9-16)

    > DPG Autumn meeting of the Condensed Matter Section, Currently scheduled for Berlin, 26.09. - 01.10.2021