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The Collaborative Research Centre 1385 "Law and Literature" was inaugurated at the University of Münster by the German Research Council (DFG) on July 1st, 2019. The project focuses on crucial questions concerning the relation between law and literature, the corresponding academic fields and disciplines, as well as their respective impact on culture and society.

Literary studies and law are brought together here as equal partners in a momentous academic collaboration unprecedented in the German research field. The interdisciplinary dialogue between the two aims at investigating and mapping this particular field of research in order to uncover systematic relations between these disciplines and to document particular illustrations. The project’s objective is to clarify crucial aspects of the specific nexus of law and literature. The CRC, which looks at a potential duration of 12 years of funded research, intends to work towards a further development of our modern understanding of both law and literature. We take on the challenges implied in fundamental as well as timely questions concerning the reciprocal relation between law and literature (first 4-year period), concerning Europeanisation, migration and globalisation (second 4-year period) and medial turns (third 4-year period).

The Collaborative Research Centre 1385 includes the following disciplines from the faculties 3 and 9 at the University of Münster: literary studies, law, Jewish studies, Slavic studies, Arab and Islamic studies, economics; as well as the Institute for English and American Studies at the University of Osnabrück. There are three different project areas that include 12 individual projects in total as well as an integrated graduate school and an online encyclopedia.

Current News

| 09/2021 - CRC 1385
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Interview with Prof. Stierstorfer

During the CRC symposium in the German-Italian Center for European Dialogue, Villa Vigoni, on Lake Como, the spokesman of the CRC, Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer, discussed the connection of law, literature and Europe in an interview. The thoughts are contextualized in the EU program"Conference on the Future of Europe". You can find the conversation here at the Villa Vigoni YouTube channel.

| 09/2021 - Dynamic Cluster "Justiz- und Kriminalfilm"
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New podcast "Recht abgedreht" is online

The dynamic cluster "Justiz- und Kriminalfilm" has put the first episode of its new podcast "Recht abgedreht" online. The DC-team discusses films about law. Different areas will be covered: new/old, Indie/Hollywood, documentary/fiction, east/west/south/north. The films thematize law quite differently. The episodes stand on their own and appear approximately every 2 months. The first episode deals with Stanley Kramer's "Inherit the Wind" from 1960. Click here for the podcast.

| 09/2021 - C02 "Literature as 'Equity' in British literary history"
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Book "The Lawyer in Dickens" is out now

The new book by PD Dr. Franziska Quabeck, The Lawyer in Dickens, is out now as the 18th volume in the "Law & Literature" series by de Gruyter. It takes a closer look at the construction of types of lawyers. While Dickens's critique of the legal system and its representatives is almost proverbial, a closer look at his lawyers uncovers a complex and ambiguous construction that questions their status as Victorian gentlemen. Here you can find further information.