Welcome to the Collaborative Research Centre!

The Collaborative Research Centre 1385 "Law and Literature" was inaugurated at the University of Münster by the German Research Council (DFG) on July 1st, 2019. The project focuses on crucial questions concerning the relation between law and literature, the corresponding academic fields and disciplines, as well as their respective impact on culture and society.

Literary studies and law are brought together here as equal partners in a momentous academic collaboration unprecedented in the German research field. The interdisciplinary dialogue between the two aims at investigating and mapping this particular field of research in order to uncover systematic relations between these disciplines and to document particular illustrations. The project’s objective is to clarify crucial aspects of the specific nexus of law and literature. The CRC, which looks at a potential duration of 12 years of funded research, intends to work towards a further development of our modern understanding of both law and literature. We take on the challenges implied in fundamental as well as timely questions concerning the reciprocal relation between law and literature (first 4-year period), concerning Europeanisation, migration and globalisation (second 4-year period) and medial turns (third 4-year period).

The Collaborative Research Centre 1385 includes the following disciplines from the faculties 3 and 9 at the University of Münster: literary studies, law, Jewish studies, Slavic studies, Arab and Islamic studies, economics; as well as the Institute for English and American Studies at the University of Osnabrück. There are three different project areas that include 12 individual projects in total as well as an integrated graduate school and an online encyclopedia.

Current News

| 06/2022 - C04 "Show-Trials"

Theater Stammheim

On the occasion of the theater installation by the artist duo krügerXweiss "Der Prozess II: RAF", which can be seen in Münster at the Hafenplatz from June 30 to July 24, our Subproject C04 organizes the conference "Theater Stammheim. Verhandlungen der Roten Armee Fraktion in Recht, Literatur und Kunst". It is about the theatricality of the trials against the first generation of the RAF and their adaptations. The conference examines these court 'shows' by RAF members, analyzes the 'stage design' in Stammheim and discusses what theater and pop culture make of the 'RAF myth'. The public conference takes place in the Festsaal (Schlossplatz 5) from 11.45 am to 4 pm (poster and program).

| 06/2022 - A02 "Literature and the Market"

Guest Post on buchreport.de

Dr. Christian Peter, research assistant in our Subproject A02 "Literature and the Market", has written a guest article for buchreport.de about fixed book prices. His conclusion: "Diskutiert die Buchbranche [...] über Gestaltungsoptionen für die Buchpreisbindung, um stark steigende Kosten an Verbraucher weitergeben zu können, sollte sie sich zuallererst mit § 6 BuchPrG beschäftigen und die unter Umständen notwendige Reform dieser Vorschrift wieder auf ihre Agenda setzen." You can read the full article here (in German).

| 06/2022 - Dynamic Cluster "Justiz- und Kriminalfilm"

"Als entlastet eingestuft"

In episode four of the podcast "Recht abgedreht" Daniel Arjomand, Kathrin Löhr, Marcus Schnetter and Dr. Sebastian Speth talk about the episode "Als entlastet eingestuft" of the "Fernseh-Pitaval". As 'Pitaval', the GDR television series follows a long tradition of crime and trial reporting. In this episode, the 'star lawyer' Friedrich Karl Kaul presents a business model that still makes the recipients despair of the denazification efforts of the young BRD. You can listen to the episode here (in German).

| 05/2022 - A01 "Interpretational Sovereignty of Texts – Law and Literature in Dispute over Judicial Censorship"

Justiciability of Fictional Art

Nursan Celik, research assistant in subproject A01, thinks about the modalities of fictional literature. Using as an example Emmanuel Carrère's widely discussed book Yoga, published in France in 2020, translated into German in 2022, she reflects on the relationship between fiction (and corresponding paratextual aspects), reality and personal rights. "Der Beantwortungsversuch der Frage nach dem Dürfen fiktionaler Literatur resultiert in einem infiniten Regress. Besteht jedoch zwischen den verschiedenen Teilnehmer:innen der Literaturinstitution Einigkeit darin, dass ein literarischer Text außerdem ein fiktionaler ist (eine solche Einigkeit ist zugegeben idealtypisch), so ist eine Rechtsförmigkeit kritisch zu betrachten." Here you can read the full text (in German).

| 05/2022 - A02 "Literature and the Market"

Fixed book price regulations

The book Kulturgut Buch, written by Dr. Christian Peter, research associate in the research project "Literature and Market" of the CRC 1385, names the goal of the much-discussed fixed book prices in Germany as a protection of the public discourse space in its diversity from being monopolized. According to Peter, the net book agreement pursues "mit dem Schutz des Buches als Kulturgut [...] einen legitimen Zweck". You can read the full press text here (in German). Börsenblatt and Buchreport report about it.

| 04/2022 - Cluster "Recht und Film"

"Recht abgedreht": Filmclub Münster

The Cluster "Recht und Film" has organized a film series in cooperation with the Filmclub Münster. Four films will be shown in the Schlosstheater Münster. They all deal specifically with law and some of them have already been discussed in the CRC Podcast "Recht abgedreht". The Filmclub Münster will show (in German) Nader und Simin on April 4th, Die Wannseekonferenz/Conspiracy (2001) on May 2nd, an episode of the Fernsehpitaval on May 30th, about which there was already an article on the CRC Blog (read here), and Antigone (2019) on July 4th. For each film, an expert will give a short introductory lecture, including Dr. Dr. hc Silvia Tellenbach, Nicholas Johnson, Dr. Sebastian Speth, Kathrin Löhr and Dr. Julia Bodenburg. Admission is 8 euros (5 euros with Kultursemesterticket). You can find more information about the film series here, the poster here.